How To Prevent The Top 5 Pests That Annoy Hotel Guests

Pest infestation can drive clients away from your hotel, never to come back. Pests control and prevention should therefore be every hotel’s priority as pests can make or break your reputation. Visitors have a way of sharing their hotel experiences, and in the social media era, you want to guard your reputation at all costs. When you can longer handle pests, the best option is to engage a professional pest control service.

One of the best ways to prevent or manage pests in a hotel setting is by being proactive in the process. This can be implemented by drafting a pest management policy that is integrated and inclusive, making pest prevention a priority, and monitoring the hotel for any signs of infestation. Ensuring pest control is everyone’s business and listening to customers, guests, and visitors’ concerns is also a great approach. Since this is an integrative approach, engaging the services of a professional for pest control and prevention can save you all the agony. Expert pest control service ensures both preventative and protective measures are put into place to deal with the pest menace. Below are the most common pests found in hotels and the various ways to prevent them.

Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs are among the most common pests in hotels and the most difficult to control. They are not limited to a certain class of hotels since they are mainly spread by guests. The tiny brown insects feed on human blood and can go for months after a good blood meal. They usually hide in crevices and cracks on beds and hotel furniture. It’s easy for visitors to carry  bedbugs in their luggage, and this makes it easy for the  pest to  move to people’s houses and  spread to other hotels

How To Prevent Bedbugs

Hotels can adopt various approaches to prevent bed bugs infestation. Some of these approaches include:

  • Using hot water to clean items such as hotel towels and curtains since these are some of the places where they hide.
  • Good maintenance practices help reduce the possibility of spreading.
  • Bedbug traps that help detect their presence.
  • Thorough checkups for the pest by the hotel staff both as a preventative and protective measure
  • Ensuring all the members of staff are well trained to handle the bugs. Bedbugs have a very distinct smell, and someone who is well trained can tell a room is infested even without entering in.
  • Frequent fumigation acts as a preventative measure. Most pests are irritated by the smell of chemicals used in fumigation. If it’s done frequently, they either keep off or come out of hiding, at which point they are destroyed.
  • Setting up procedure for handling complaints  regarding bedbugs from guests

Flies – House And Fruit Flies

Flies come in different varieties, from houseflies, fruit flies and rain flies. House flies mostly thrive in dirty places and are easily spotted in dustbins and public toilets. There is a natural inclination to associate them with dirt whenever they are mentioned. If not well managed, like cockroaches, houseflies are a health hazard as they land on anything they come across, be it food, garbage, or even animal feces. Houseflies are noisy and can become a nuisance to visitors to the extent of making an eatery very difficult to inhabit since they keep moving from one place to another. On the other hand, fruit flies are attached to sugary and fermenting liquids such as vinegar, fruit juices, sticky expired liquids, overripe, and damaged fruits. They also contaminate food as they pick microorganisms from different places.

How To Prevent House And Fruit Flies

  • Observing standard food hygiene practices is one of the best ways to prevent flies since they can’t access food and the waste to feed in.
  • Hygiene management is also key when it comes to food handling and waste disposal.


Unlike bed bugs that feed on human blood, cockroaches thrive where there’s food. In hotels, they will most likely be found in the kitchen, restaurants, bars, and public washrooms. They hide in dark places, cracks, and crevices during the day and come out at night. Cockroaches are a health hazard as they carry pathogens that they spread as they move. They also produce allergens from their skin and droppings. Cockroaches also cause cross continuation since they feed on contaminated matter then spread the same wherever they move.

How To Prevent Cockroaches

  • Adhering to good hygiene practices when it comes to cleanliness. All areas where food is handled should be kept clean and any residue disposed of the right way.
  • Waste handling and management should be well implemented, with a particular area reserved for water disposal before collection by garbage collectors.
  • Food should not be left in the open. Leftover food should be kept in air-tight containers or refrigerated.

There should also be a well-planned inspection procedure that identifies their presence and the best way to eliminate them from the hotel


These include rats and mice, which are some of the most dangerous considering the magnitude of destruction. Rodents destroy cables connecting electronics, hotel food stocks, and food reserves in stores, furniture, and even guests’ clothes. It’s easy to identify rodents’ presence from their droppings and distinctive noises. Rodents are attracted to areas where food is prepared, such as the kitchen and waste disposal areas.

How To Prevent Rodents

  • Observing hygiene in food preparation areas denies them access to leftovers; hence they look elsewhere.
  • Proper waste management is key as rodents lie rummages through heaps of waste looking for food.
  • Where rodents are a menace and other methods are not working, poisons and traps can be used to eliminate them.

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