Is your Backyard Fire Pit Attracting Unwanted Pests?

The backyard is a great place to have a fire pit. It’s where you can gather and enjoy the company of friends, family, and neighbours while roasting marshmallows on an open flame. However, if your yard is attracting unwanted pests like ants,  then it’s time to rethink your fire pit plans. If the infestation is out of your control, you should consider contacting a pest control service. This blog post will show you how to keep pests away from your backyard so you can maintain the ambience that you want- all without being pestered by uninvited guests.

Keeping Your Backyard Fire Pit Pests Free

Ensure The Area Is Clean

Keep the area around your fire pit clean by storing all unused and combustible items away from it. Sweep or use a leaf blower, vacuum, and scrub brush on the dirt before laying down any logs for seating or lighting your campfire. 

You should take care when disposing of food scraps as they may attract unwanted guests such as houseflies and mosquitoes.

Maintaining cleanliness around this space can make it more welcoming for people and less so for insects.

Be Smart About Your Placement

If you have a backyard exposed to the outdoors, then it’s crucial to place your fire pit in an area with good ventilation. 

Make sure there are no overhanging trees or bushes nearby, as this can make your yard susceptible to bugs like ants or fleas looking for shelter. The farther away they are from their food source, the better! If possible, try not placing any structures such as benches or tables near your backyard space, so insects don’t feel compelled to be around humans once again.

Use Screens On Your Vents While Enjoying Yourself Outside

When you’re not using your fire pit, make sure to close up the vents and screens. This is especially important during winter as insects will try their best to get in.

It can be tempting to open them for fresh air, but if pests are already residing outside, then they’ll have an easier time getting inside and making a mess of things.

If you want pests out of the backyard, it’s imperative that these spaces remain closed while there isn’t activity going on within or surrounding this area. Remember: prevention is key so do what you can now before summer arrives.

Citronella Oil

Fighting pests can be challenging, and it’s important to have a plan in place. Citronella oil is one of the best ways to ward off ants, fleas, mosquitoes, flies, houseflies, ticks, and more without poisoning them! 

You can use citronella candles or torches near your backyard fire pit, but these don’t always work well on their own. 

Citronella can also be planted and can be used as natural pest control: not only does citronella help repel pests, but it smells great too! Plant some near where people congregate, such as round tables and chairs or by fire pits, so insects don’t feel compelled to come into close contact with humans. 

Eliminate Stagnant Water

Water is another key factor when it comes to attracting unwanted pests like ants and fleas. Guarantee that you don’t have any stagnant water near your backyard fire pit by checking for cracks in the ground or below benches- these areas are perfect breeding grounds. 

Protect Your Firewoo

If you’re using firewood in your backyard, make sure that it is stored away from the area. 

Try not to store wood under benches or tables, as this will increase the risk of bugs getting inside and nesting near their food source. If there is a lot of rain where you live, then try storing them on top of tarps, so they stay dry.

 Additionally, use bait stations around these areas to protect against pests like ants and termites that may be looking for more than just an appetizer.

Regularly Check For Rotten Logs

Keep an eye out for rotten logs around your backyard fire pit. The wood that you store outside is at risk of rotting and attracting bugs. 

Once logs have been sitting around for a while, insects will try to find them as they are an excellent food source. If any logs or timber get wet, then check the area regularly as this makes it easier for pests to take up residence in these areas too!

If there’s an excessive amount of rain where you live, be sure to protect your firewood by storing them on top of tarps or under shelter, so they don’t become exposed and vulnerable to water damage. It can also help if you use bait stations near these items- not only do they work hard, but ants won’t feel compelled to come into close contact with humans either when their main food source is removed!

Regularly Use Your Fire Pit

This may seem counter-intuitive, but if you want to keep your backyard fire pit area free of pests, then they must be used regularly. 

Suppose there is activity going on within or near this space. In that case, these bugs won’t be interested in taking up residence here, so make sure to enjoy yourself outside regularly to ensure that your backyard remains pest-free.

Call Local Pest Control Services If You Suspect Infestation

If you think there is an infestation in your backyard fire pit area, then be sure to call a local pest control service. 

In order for them to come out and inspect this space, they may ask that you fill out paperwork such as what the problem seems to be or any other details they need before coming by. This will help get rid of unwanted pests so that future ones don’t show up.

Just like it’s important to take care of ourselves when we’re outdoors enjoying summertime activities, it’s also crucial to keep our backyards free from insects. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to keep pests away so you can enjoy your space without worry. For more information about unwanted pests, visit

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