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Pests come in different forms and sizes; each requiring specific and professional pest control services. One thing the pests have in common, though, is their ability to harm your living or working quarters. Only professional pest control services can prevent the discomfort that these pests cause.

The most sensible thing to do when you have pests in your home is to reach out to a pest extermination company. At Team Veterans Pest Control, we aim at providing adequate solutions to both mild and severe pest issues in South Carolina. We understand that insects, rodents, and wildlife pests can cause significant damages to the structure of your house and valuable items. They can also spread harmful illnesses and diseases. Therefore, they ought to be removed from your home as soon as they are discovered.

There are many pests out there. Therefore, the type of pest control service you will need depends on the kind of pest infestation you are experiencing. Every pest tends to leave behind some signs which tell you the type of infestation in your home. These signs can be in the form of smeared droppings, buildups on the wall, grime on the wall, damaged papers and fabrics, strange odors, and many more. If you are not sure about the presence of pests in your home, you can reach out to us for a thorough pest inspection. Once it has been confirmed that you indeed have a pest infestation, our team of exterminators can help you out.

At Team Veterans Pest Control, we deal with pests like:

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Having your home infested with ants can be disconcerting. Fire ants are known for their deadly hard bites. Tiny ants, on the other hand, can contaminate foods in the home. These insects are quite common in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Therefore as a homeowner in this area, ant infestation is something you will experience at one point in your life. You can contact us for a safe and efficient pest control service.
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Spiders are quite common in South Carolina. Therefore, it is not unusual to experience spider infestation, especially the Brown Recluse and Black Widow spiders. In the case where your home is infested with non-venomous spiders, you will still need an extermination service because their presence is unsettling.
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These pests can contaminate food and spread a foodborne disease known as Salmonellosis. Cockroaches tend to take shelter behind walls in the day, and at night, they come out to seek out food and water. Therefore, they can be hard to notice until their population increases. 

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This insect causes a billion dollars worth of damage in the US every year. Their presence in your house can result in lots of damage.
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When you notice that you have fleas in your home, you should treat them with urgency. This is because flea infestation has been known to escalate quickly and can cause a lot of discomforts.
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A bite from this insect can cause skin irritation. Since they feed on blood, they can also transmit diseases back into your system.

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At Team Veterans Pest Control, we offer both pest control and pest infestation. Through this, we can help you prevent pest infestation and help control infestation at an affordable price.


If you are experiencing any of these insect infestations, you should contact our pest extermination company Team Veterans Pest Control.

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