Pest Control Do’s and Don’ts 2

Pest Control Do’s and Don’ts

Dealing with pest problems is one task any homeowner will always find challenging. Right from pest inspection to choosing the right control product and implementing prevention measures, no stage is easy, and you need to exercise lots of caution. To help make your task less challenging, we will be looking at the Dos and Don’ts you need to know when it comes to pest control. 

Prevention Will Always Come First

  • Ensure that food is always stored in glass containers or well-sealed plastic bags. Trash bin where you always dump the food scraps needs to be covered tightly and needs to be removed from the house regularly. 
  • Fix and leaking pipes, and never let water accumulate in any corner of your house. Ensure there are no waters in the trays, below the refrigerator, or under your house. 
  • Clutters are perfect breeding places for pests and make it difficult to eradicate pests.  Always remove things like magazines, cardboard stacks, and newspapers. Seal off any place where pests can get in or hide like caulk cracks and crevices around the cabinets and baseboards. If there are spaces around the pipes, have them filled up using steel wool. Cover any hole using a wire mesh. 
  • Take your time and learn about the pests infesting your home together with safe options you can use to control them. 
  • Always look for pests in packages and boxes before you carry them into your house. 

Safe and Correct Use of Pesticides

  • Before making any pesticide application, ensure that children and pets are kept off the place. 
  • After taking preventive steps, turn to baits as the first defense line against insects and rodents. 
  • Consider using low-risk pesticides on certain pests. Never forget to check with your local pest control service company for any suggestions. 
  • In case the pests are not found in baits and traps, you will have to apply the pesticide on targeted spaces instead of spraying it in the entire house.
  • Only use the fogging devices when necessary. 
  • Read through and follow the instructions that come with the pesticide 
  • Only use ready to use pesticide whenever possible 
  • When you hire a pest control expert, kindly ask them first to figure out the pest source and fix it before applying pesticide. 
  • Only use chemicals that are approved for home use. 

Right Disposal of Pesticide Leftover and Container

  • Always refer to the pesticide instructions on how you can dispose of the leftover pesticide together with its container. 
  • Check if your community has any hazardous waste collection that accepts pesticides. Before making any disposal, ensure you always consult with the community’s waste disposal authority. 

Never Use Pest Control Meant For Outdoor Use Indoors

There are several pesticides in the market which are specifically meant for outdoor use. Such pesticides are known to be too dangerous to be used inside your house as they tend to remain toxic for longer hours. 

Using the Dosage Twice Is Not Better

Never apply the pesticide in excess, thinking that it will eradicate the pests faster. Using pesticides in excess can pose a great health danger to your family’s health. 

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