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Facts About Roaches

Types of Roaches


These roaches usually infest places where there is plenty of food and water supply. They are generally found outdoors in places that have piles of wood, dead logs, and hollow trees.


They have strong wings and can sometimes fly as well. Adult Asian roaches fly up to 120 feet at a time. These roaches are usually found outdoors and can be seen in areas that have compost or mulch.

Australian Roaches

These roaches are also great flyers and can come into your home from nearby trees. These roaches love humidity and heat. You will usually find them near heated fish tanks and greenhouses.

Brown Banded Roaches

These get their name because of the two distinct brownish bands that run around their wings and stomach area. They are scavengers by nature and will eat anything and everything they find. They usually live inside buildings and in your bedrooms and living rooms.

Cuban Roaches

They are primarily found outdoors and usually are considered a nuisance. They are usually active at night and fly to lights on buildings from which they crawl inside. Cuban roaches will usually be found in piles of leaves, lumber, mulch, and firewood.

Florida Woods Roach

They are known to live a fairly long life and don't fly. These roaches are typically found outdoors, especially in areas with lots of homes. They feed on decaying plant matter and will enter homes through firewood or plants.

German Roaches

They cannot fly though they have wings. They live and breed indoors and prefer humid and warm spaces with food and water nearby.

Oriental Roaches

They are usually found indoors in basements, sump pumps, and water collection systems.

Smoky Brown Roaches

These can usually be found in the crawl space or attic of your home, while one or two may also be found in other areas of your house.

Surinam Roaches

These roaches are found around vegetation. You can usually see them in greenhouses where they come out at night to feed on the plants.

Wood Roaches

These types of roaches usually live outdoors in moist woodlands, mulch, under the loose barks of trees, or woodpiles.

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