Tips For Selecting A Competent Commercial Pest Control Service

Pests can be a great nuisance at best and destructive at their worst. Even in an urban environment with seemingly pristine buildings and residential homes, pests can become a major cause of concern and anxiety. Therefore,  pest inspection and, more importantly, pest control should be a priority for all property owners. With numerous companies and agencies in the pest control industry claiming to be the best, making a suitable choice can therefore be an overwhelming experience for anyone who wants to hire such services. 

Pest control goes beyond having the right skills and resources. After all, any homeowner with gumption and some cans of insecticide can wage war against pests like cockroaches and rats. Commercial pest control requires diligence, reliability, and trustworthiness.

Team Veterans Pest Control has been dealing with all kinds of pests that encroach on people’s living spaces. Our expertise is such that our professionals can quickly identify the ideal solution for a particular kind of pest. This makes our professionals work faster and more efficiently as compared to peers. With plenty of experience in pest inspection procedures, we can quickly identify the best solution for effectively dealing with the pest affecting your home or commercial building.

There are instances when pest infestation re-occurs within weeks of getting rid of them. Our experts always aim to permanently eradicate these pests, thereby saving you the trouble (and money) of seeking such services in quick succession.

A reputable commercial pest control company will have certain characteristics. Follow these tips to choose one that suits your needs:

1. Take Time To Research Your Options

The fast pace of modern life is such that most people want instantaneous answers and solutions for every problem. A building manager experiencing pest problems, for example, may wish to quickly get rid of them before such pests can cause chaos. While that is admirable, going about such an undertaking in a hasty manner can have awful consequences.

Such a building owner’s first reaction will be to look up the nearest pest control company and quickly agree to pay a consultation and retainer fee, if necessary.

Always ensure to carefully consider all options before committing to choosing a specific company. The time and energy you put into researching a company will pay off in the long run, saving you money and headaches because of a bad hiring decision.

Family and other acquaintances may offer valuable advice that can positively impact your hiring decision. It is advisable to consider their advice, as relatives and friends are unlikely to recommend a pest control company that offered them sub-standard services.

2. Use The Internet, It Can Serve You Well

With the kind of access most people have to the internet, it may seem very strange that a quick google search cannot provide satisfactory answers to all our questions.

Many people are quick to go to the internet when trying to hire a pest control company. Granted, a google search can provide answers to some of the important questions regarding a pest control company. However, it is crucial to consider all the relevant information and factors before parting with your hard-earned money.

Look up pest control companies by their ratings, not just how high they rank on search result pages. The closer a company’s ratings are to 5 stars, the more reliability and trust they engender.

Don’t forget to look up customer reviews online, especially customers that requested the kind of pest control services you wish to hire.

On that note, ensure to check the latest developments within a company. Even if the customer reviews are positive, dig deeper. The company may have undergone structural changes or ownership could have changed. These kinds of changes can lead to a dip in the quality of services offered by a company.

3. Check The Number Of Years In Operations

Successfully getting rid of pests requires both technical know-how and experience. A reliable pest control company should equally be adept at successfully completing all pest control projects. While a startup company can do a good job, you should always prioritize pest control companies that have been in business for a long time. With time comes valuable experience that is hard to acquire any other way.

This level of experience should extend to the professionals that work for the company too. With regular technological advancement, new and better pest control equipment keep coming to the market. New pesticides and other necessary chemicals keep getting enhanced.

Employees of pest control companies must keep up with these latest advances and industry practices. Ensure that the company you hire is above board on all these fronts.

4. Licenses And Insurance Coverage

Ensure that the pest control company you consider hiring has the required licenses to operate in your location. A valid license indicates that such a company is qualified to provide pest control services while following accepted industry standards.

Insurance coverage of a pest control company is also crucial to consider. While rare, there are instances when regular pest control tasks turn into tragedies and disasters. Many of the chemicals used for killing pests are toxic and corrosive. Inadvertent inhalation or accidental contact with human skin or eyes can cause serious injuries.

Victims of such injuries may seek compensation to cover their medical bills. If such injuries occur while pest control is being performed on your property, you could find yourself being named as a liable party in a civil suit. 

Team Veterans Pest Control understands the need to provide pest control services while being mindful of issues that could cause the client unnecessary problems. As such, all our employees are instructed to be careful in the course of carrying out their duties. We aim to ensure customer satisfaction by providing reliable pest control services while protecting the integrity and privacy of a client’s building or residence.

5. Ensure They Offer A Guarantee Policy

A competent commercial pest control company should provide guarantees to clients if services provided are deemed unsatisfactory.

Before agreeing to hire any such companies, find out about their terms of services. Sometimes employees may perform shoddy work due to extenuating circumstances. If so, what are their compensation policies?

In a nutshell, it is always advisable to do the necessary information gathering required to make the best hiring decision.For more information about reliable pest control services, visit


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