Tips on How to Control Termites During Winter

A termite infestation can cause immense destruction. Each year these pests invade several properties and cause damage worth a considerable sum of money. If you have been a victim of these problems, you must get a control treatment method to get the termites’ attack managed to avoid further destruction of your home. Unlike other common house pests, termites never rest in winter, especially the underground ones, which are more harmful because they feed all the time and live underground at your property’s foundation. Termites dig deeper into the property’s foundation to look for warmth during the cold season because they do not hibernate, causing more harm to the foundation. This is why it is important to contact pest inspection services to help you spot these problems early enough. 

The winter season has always been the best time to control termites. If there has been an infestation of termites at your property, it is vital to get them under control as fast as possible to avoid more damage. Here are some guides you can follow to get more information about termites, the damage they can cause, and the appropriate control measures. 

Winter Season Termite Activities

It is a bit difficult to spot termite activity during the winter season, which might trick you into believing that they don’t exist at your property. That is why you must be on watch during this time. During the summer and the spring season, it’s easy to spot them because of the tunnels they create while looking for a new environment to inhabit. In this period, you can see some old wings, droppings, and other pest infestation types. These termite activities will help decide when to start eradicating them from your property.

Pest Control Treatment Methods for Winter

Termites love living in the woods and underground or make burros through soils as they look for a new home. When the ground becomes cool, termites start to hunt for a unique environment to colonize, and your home foundation is the perfect spot because of the warmth, moisture, and food that are necessities for their survival.

To avoid infestation, ensure that you do treatment of wooden materials in your home. These materials include wood decks, leaf piles, or other wood materials that termites can attract. When treating wood, make sure that at least one inch of the ground level is covered. 

Before carrying out this pest control treatment method, it is essential to note that termites always move from one place to another in warm and cold seasons. Always ensure that your decision is right and that your timing is perfect for eliminating all the pests.

Control Termite, Save your Property

As long as the conditions are favorable, termites will continue to attack your home. If not mitigated, these small creatures can wreak havoc and destroy properties worth a lot. That’s why it’s vital to do treatment all year round using either physical or chemical ways. Controlling termites will have you and your family living comfortably, and your property will be safe. Also, homes well protected from these pests sell high during leasing or selling. 

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